I Hope I Don’t Motivate You

Does that surprise you? It shouldn’t. Because motivation is crap. If you rely on motivation to reach your fitness goals, I can almost guarantee that you will fail. Here’s why: motivation comes and goes. It’s fleeting. Imagine that it’s New Year’s Day. You’re feeling all sorts of motivated, and you set a goal to lose […]

6 Minute Abs? More Like 24 Hour Abs.

Most people these days are always looking for a shortcut. They want a “hack” that gives them more for less. They want the “cheat code” that shows them it really is easy! News flash: in fitness, that sh*t doesn’t exist. Look at the success of all of the programs like “six minute abs” or whatever […]

The Iron Laws of The Gym

Many of these will likely turn into their own post one day. Accept the following as unalterable laws of the jungle: Lifting is more mental than it is physical There is no shortcut. Stop looking for hacks and quick fixes Do not take advice from anybody who has not accomplished (or is at least working […]

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