Many of these will likely turn into their own post one day. Accept the following as unalterable laws of the jungle:

  1. Lifting is more mental than it is physical
  2. There is no shortcut. Stop looking for hacks and quick fixes
  3. Do not take advice from anybody who has not accomplished (or is at least working toward) what you are trying to accomplish
  4. Stop making up excuses why you can’t squat
  5. Do not use machines (with the exception of pulleys)
  6. Supplements will not make much of a difference in your strength or fitness level, and 99% of them are worthless
  7. Nobody is coming to save you – you have to motivate yourself to train
  8. This lifestyle is difficult, and you will be tempted to quit. When you experience failure, get back up and try again
  9. There is no perfect diet or training protocol. Stop searching for one because it’s really just an excuse to procrastinate
  10. Steroids are much more common than you think. Do not touch them (or SARMs/peptides/anything banned by WADA)