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“The Literature”

Lots of people these days like to make a point to reference “the literature”. “The literature” is really just another way to say sports science research, but I guess people think it makes them sound more educated and science-y. Regardless, it’s becoming increasingly popular to base claims on “the literature”. Science is becoming one of […]

An Ode to the Squat

The correctly performed barbell back squat is, quite simply, the best exercise that can be performed in the gym. No other movement will provide the same level of strength development, muscle growth, improved coordination, nervous system conditioning, and overall athletic development as the squat. The psychological benefits of the squat are just as significant. The […]

Strength Training Will Change Your Life

Strength training will completely change your life. Does that claim sound too bold? It’s not, and by the end of this post you’ll see why. I do not know of a single activity that can change your life as quickly, as reliably, or as dramatically as strength training. I’ve read hundreds of books on self-help […]

The X Factor

If there’s anything that rivals the importance of consistency in training, it’s what I like to call the X Factor. What is the X Factor? If you’ve read many of my posts, you won’t be surprised: it’s all about mindset. The X Factor is the drive and unstoppable determination to accomplish your goals in the […]

The Most Important Aspect of Fitness

The number one most important factor in all of fitness. This one thing is about as close to the “key” as you can get. Can you guess what it is? Exercise selection? Nope. Training frequency? Nope. Diet/nutrition? Nope. Sleep? Nope. Supplementation? Absolutely not. The answer is: consistency. It’s not sexy, but it’s the truth. Consistency […]

“Weightlifting Makes You Bulky”

This is one of the most common things that I hear when non-lifters are talking about the idea of lifting weights. It’s very common in women but I have heard it from plenty of guys too. Weightlifting does not make you bulky! You know what does make you bulky? Eating too much. As long as […]

The Fundamentals of Weight Loss

This post will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of weight loss. More specifically, we’re referring to fat loss because you don’t want to lose muscle when you lose weight. But we will use the terms interchangeably. If you read and fully understand this post, you will know more than most people about weight loss. […]

Fitness Fail of the Week – Edition #1

This is the first edition of a new series I like to call “Fitness Fail of the Week”. Each I’m going to highlight something completely ridiculous in the health and fitness industry. This week’s biggest fail is something I stumbled upon calling the “Fast Bar”. It advertises itself as “The only Intermittent fasting bar scientifically […]

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