This is one of the most common things that I hear when non-lifters are talking about the idea of lifting weights. It’s very common in women but I have heard it from plenty of guys too.

Weightlifting does not make you bulky! You know what does make you bulky? Eating too much.

As long as you maintain a healthy and attractive body fat percentage, adding muscle will not make you look bulky. Quite the opposite – it will make you look much better.

Women will point out the female bodybuilding competitor with bulging muscles and say “I don’t want to get that big”. As if it were easy!!! That person has devoted their entire life to achieving that look, and there’s a good chance they are on steroids too. Plus they have freak genetics. You probably don’t have that drive or dedication!

The type of weightlifting that I recommend will certainly not make you bulky. And even if you don’t believe me, building muscle takes months and years. You could just stop lifting if you start to notice that you don’t like the way your body is developing (I promise that won’t happen).

Stop using this as an excuse.