Guess what: nobody is coming to save you. Not me, not your training partner, not Oprah. Nobody.

Are you hoping that one day, somebody is going to finally give you that perfect motivational speech? They’ll say just the right words to unlock the hidden motivation within you. Then, you’ll at last get up and get after your goals.

Or maybe you’ll finally find that perfect diet or training program. Then it will all come together and you’ll sail off into the sunset.

Maybe you’re just searching for that perfect training partner. You know, the one who will make sure that you always make your workouts and train hard. It will be easy with their help!

None of that is ever going to happen! Accept it now.

Actually, those things might happen. But it won’t make a difference. Yeah, you might feel different for a short period of time. But then that external wave of motivation will pass and you’ll be right back where you started.

Nothing will change until you learn to motivate yourself. You have to get to the point where you just show up and train, regardless of how you feel.

Had a bad day at work? Feeling a bit more tired than usual? Didn’t have your coffee before you got to the gym? Cool. Now train.

Sometimes circumstances are not ideal. That’s life. This is where most people decide “you know, I can just skip today. It’s just one workout”. Then that turns into two workouts. Then five. Then they stop training all together.

Once you learn how to motivate yourself, you will break through the door that’s in between you and your fitness goals. I can help lead you toward the door, but only you can break it. And once you do, I promise you’ll never look back.