Common Fitness Myths That Are Simply Not True

These are some of the most common fitness myths and misconceptions which are demonstrably false. Many of these myths have been around for decades and refuse to die. Believing these myths will hold back your progress, so stop believing them now.

  • Carbs make you fat
  • Sugar makes you fat
  • Calories in vs. calories out is “bad science”
  • Weightlifting makes you bulky
  • Doing lots of ab exercises will get you a six pack
  • Cardio is better than weightlifting for fat loss
  • You can “spot reduce” fat
  • Eating smaller meals throughout the day helps speed up your metabolism
  • You have to constantly change your workouts to “confuse your muscles”
  • You should feel sore after every workout
  • You have to work out every day to get results
  • Eating food at night leads to weight gain
  • Women need to train differently than men
  • Machines can give you similar results as free weights
  • You can eat whatever you want on a cheat day

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