To most people, training and working out are the same thing. But the difference between these two is the difference between having a great physique and an average physique.

Most people “work out”. By this, I mean that they exercise without a structured plan or specific goal. They might “go for a run” or “go to the gym”, but that’s where their strategy ends. That’s why you’ll notice that, year after year, these people look the same and achieve little in terms of actual results.

Training is completely different. Training means that you engage in fitness with a specific plan and measurable goals. It means planning out your training for weeks and months at a time. When you show up at the gym, you already know exactly what exercises you will be doing and what reps and weights you will be targeting.

Do you think that elite athletes show up to practice every day thinking “you know, I’m just going to feel it out today”. Of course not! They structure their training months and even years at a time. That’s why they are at the top of their game.

On my programs, you are going to approach fitness like an athlete. You will train, not work out. The difference might seem subtle, but over the course of months and years it will make all the difference in the world.