This post is going to trigger some people. But the fact of the matter is that you probably shouldn’t and don’t need to hire a trainer.

Most trainers are simply not worth the time or money. Note that I said most not all. There are undoubtedly some great trainers out there. The problem is that, even if you are lucky enough to meet one, the fact that this person is at the top of their craft means that they are most likely 1) already fully booked and 2) expensive. You also need to be at least decently educated with regards to strength training in order to tell a good trainer from a bad one in the first place. If you do hire a trainer, it should be to address a specific concern or goal, not for your general training.

The problem with most trainers can be boiled down to a handful of points:

  • Most of them aren’t in that great of shape themselves
  • Their incentive is for you to keep booking sessions, not to teach you everything you need to know to train on your own
  • Many of them lack an in-depth understanding of foundational concepts such as progressive overload, energy balance, and proper programming
  • Many of them are on steroids

Remember Iron Law #3: “do not take advice from anybody who has not accomplished (or is at least working toward) what you are trying to accomplish”.

This is particularly relevant when it comes to deciding whether or not to hire a trainer. DO NOT, under any circumstances, hire a trainer who has not accomplished exactly what you are trying to do (either themselves or with a former client).

Imagine that you’re taking a difficult class in school, and you need a tutor. Are you going to hire a tutor who got a C in the class? Of course not! You’re going to hire a tutor who aced the class. Hiring a trainer who hasn’t already accomplished what you’re trying to do it like hiring the tutor who got a C. Don’t be a sucker.

Note: if a trainer does seem to have accomplished what you are trying to do, make sure they did it naturally. Fake naturals are a dime a dozen.

Ultimately, only you can decide if it’s worthwhile to hire a trainer. But I hope that I have helped you make an informed decision.