This is the first edition of a new series I like to call “Fitness Fail of the Week”. Each I’m going to highlight something completely ridiculous in the health and fitness industry.

This week’s biggest fail is something I stumbled upon calling the “Fast Bar”. It advertises itself as “The only Intermittent fasting bar scientifically formulated to allow you to fast with food™!”

Read that again: “fast with food”. If this doesn’t set your bullsh*t detector off immediately… We need to talk.

By definition, if you eat food, you are not fasting! It’s black and white. The fact that some marketers are finally trying to monetize something that is, by definition, the absence of consumption, should not surprise any of us. But still. Wow.

Now, I don’t have anything against the actual ingredients in this bar (it’s mostly processed nuts), but just don’t trick yourself into thinking that this is actually fasting.

Again, just another example of people looking for a quick fix or hack and unscrupulous marketers taking advantage of that impulse.