Strength Standards

I always like having a goal to work toward, so here are the strength standards that you should aim toward on my programs. Some people will undoubtedly complain and say that these are too difficult, and that’s because we live in a culture accustomed to instant gratification. Depending on your genetics, starting point, and compliance, reaching “Good” on these lifts will likely take anywhere from 6 months to a few years to hit. With few exceptions, any able-bodied male can hit these standards with some hard work.

If you can reach “Good” on just these lifts, you will have a physique that puts you above 98% of people (assuming a reasonably low body fat percentage). Even just reaching “Respectable” will put you far ahead of the average person.

Overhead press (4 reps)

  • Decent: 120lbs
  • Respectable: 140lbs
  • Good: 160lbs
  • Great: 180lbs
  • Warrior: 200lbs

Squat (4 reps)

  • Decent: 275lbs
  • Respectable: 315lbs
  • Good: 355lbs
  • Great: 395lbs
  • Warrior: 435lbs

Weighted Pull Ups (4 reps)

  • Decent: +25lbs
  • Respectable: +55lbs
  • Good: +85lbs
  • Great: +105lbs
  • Warrior: +125lbs

Incline Bench Press (4 reps)

  • Decent: 185lbs
  • Respectable: 225lbs
  • Good: 250lbs
  • Great: 275lbs
  • Warrior: 300lbs

Weighted Dips (4 reps)

  • Decent: +45lbs
  • Respectable: +90lbs
  • Good: +135lbs
  • Great: +180lbs
  • Warrior: +225lbs

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